October 2015

What Are We Looking For? Understanding the POA Screening Process

This information will be on your exams so I recommend you take notes. Demystifying the What’s My Fertility screening process… Continue reading

What is POA?

Back to Basics with POA: Eggs Ovarian Easy, Please

To understand what Premature Ovarian Aging is, we need to first take a better look at the primary players –… Continue reading

What is POA?

Building a Healthy Relationship With Your Fertility

Ok, so maybe not on the first date, but there is a time when sharing your hopes and dreams for… Continue reading

Planning Your Future

IVF and the Myth of Multiples

1978 was a historic year for human reproductive technology as it marked the birth of the first “test tube baby”…. Continue reading

Fertility Myths

What Should You Talk about with Your Daughter This Holiday Season?

Thanksgiving marks the celebration of harvest, festive abundance and a swelling of family. It’s a time for tradition and home… Continue reading

Personal Stories

How Thinking Like a Zombie Can Kill Your Fertility Fears

What are you afraid of? Like me, you might have answered spiders or clowns, taxes or dentistry. But what this… Continue reading

Planning Your Future

Could Hitting the Gym Be Bad News for Your Fertility?

We all know that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and its benefits reach far beyond feeling good about… Continue reading

Work/life Balance

5 Things That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Fertility

Whether you’re ready to pop a bun in the oven or dreaming of working off your muffin top by solo… Continue reading

What is POA?

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