I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

What is it about tinsel and twinkling lights that makes Christmas so romantic? I’ve been wondering what exactly drives my… Continue reading

Fertility Myths

Who’s Talking About What’s My Fertility

Hot off the press!     April 5, 2016 WHAT’S MY FERTILITY? A NEW SCREENING CAN HELP Literally Darling The… Continue reading


Sometimes The End Is A Good Place To Start

With just a few precious moments of my twenties left, sometimes it can be hard not to spiral into the… Continue reading

Personal Stories

The Holistic Enchilada: 3 Alternative Avenues To Boost Your Baby Making Odds

For most modern gals, holistic and alternative medicines are no longer just for the misunderstood, patchouli scented mystics of yore,… Continue reading

Work/life Balance

Is Infertility On The Rise Or Just Getting More Air Time?

With the current scare tactics of the world wide web, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on with fertility… Continue reading

Fertility Myths

How to Start a 5 Year Life Plan in 5 Steps

What are you doing with your life? Too big? Ok, let’s take a step back. What are you doing with… Continue reading

Planning Your Future

Come On Get Happy. 5 Tips to help you decompress and destress.

Just relax. Because we all know how simple that is, right? Being stressed is part of everyday life. Whether it’s… Continue reading

Work/life Balance

What’s My Fertility Releases the First Screening for Premature Ovarian Aging

Screening for Premature Ovarian Aging, a “silent” infertility condition that impacts one in 10 women, is now available in 10… Continue reading


What Are We Looking For? Understanding the POA Screening Process

This information will be on your exams so I recommend you take notes. Demystifying the What’s My Fertility screening process… Continue reading

What is POA?

Back to Basics with POA: Eggs Ovarian Easy, Please

To understand what Premature Ovarian Aging is, we need to first take a better look at the primary players –… Continue reading

What is POA?

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